Data Standards - Early Adopters Group

What is the Data Standards project?

The HACT Data Standards project, powered by OSCRE, brings together housing providers to design a process architecture, data standard and data dictionary to help the sector transition toward better data.

Poor quality data is widely recognised as a major barrier to achieving digital transformation. Many housing providers experience issues when digitalising processes, transitioning to new systems or exchanging data with external stakeholders such as LAs, contractors or health; as the data they hold across their organisation is inconsistent or missing. Changing data culture across the sector is an ambitious long term task and the data standards project is designed to act as the starting point, equipping the sector with a set of standards to use when redesigning processes and procuring new software and systems.

While version 1.0 is still in development early work indicates that the Standard’s first iteration will focus on the voids process encompassing allocation and the customer data required and exchanged through this process.

Currently, there are 17 housing providers working as project partners to develop the Standard.

Acis Group
Halton Housing Trust
One Manchester
South Yorkshire Housing Association
Thames Valley Housing
Together Housing Group
WM Housing
Yorkshire Coast Homes
Yorkshire Housing

Our aim is release version 1.0 of the Standard in early 2018. Once complete, the Data Standard will be open to all registered housing providers to use for free.

HACT is committed to bringing the Standard to the widest number of housing providers to ensure that it is implemented across the whole of the sector. We are therefore launching the ‘Early Adopters Group’ ahead of the release of v1.0

Early Adopters will be the first to receive external project updates and access to the completed version 1.0 of the standard. In return, Early Adopters will support the roll out of the Standard to the sector.

What are ‘Early Adopters’?

The Early Adopters group is a chance for your organisation to have the first opportunity to see v1.0 and to support the uptake of the Data Standard through committing your support to the initiative.

Early Adopters can register their interest in the Standard and receive regular progress updates and invitations to participate in a range of events and workshops designed to demonstrate the value of the Standard to the sector. HACT will be working with the Early Adopters to develop strategies to implement the Standard across the sector and to curate opportunities for promoting the Standard.

How do I join?

  1. To become an Early Adopter,we ask you to complete a short survey to formally register your interest and to provide brief information about your interest in the Standard.

  2. We would also like housing providers joining the Early Adopters group to commit to supporting the adoption of the standard in their organisation.

  3. Provide your logo for HACT to use as part of dissemination materials and documents that outline our plans for the Data Standard.

Complete the survey and sign up here