HACT Digital

Housing has the opportunity to radically reassess its relationship with data and technology. But often it doesn’t yet have the people, capacity or the tools to make it happen. ‘HACT Digital’ is a programme of projects that aim to help housing providers realise the benefits that new technology and data can provide their businesses.

HACT Digital will focus on three interlocking areas that will support housing businesses achieve a shift to digital- promoting tech expertise at board level, a data standard to improve the data culture of the entire sector and digital maturity audits for organisations looking to identify where technology could deliver the most significant benefits.

Digital manifesto for change

A short briefing on the current state of the UK Social Housing sectors adoption of digital and areas for opportunity.

Digital On-board Programme

A digital leadership initiative aimed at placing leading players from the UK’s digital economy on every housing provider board.

Creating a Shared Data Standard for UK Housing

Creating a shared data standard and reference architecture for the UK housing sector.

HACT Launch Pad

A showcase for some of the most innovative and disruptive ideas, products and services on a path to entry into the UK housing sector.