Housing and Empowerment Network

A network of housing organisations, sharing approaches, building capacity and challenging each other to improve community empowerment.

Photo from "Housing officer of tomorrow" (Photos: Derek Brown) Building on our research into the role of housing associations within communities, we have been awarded a three-year strategic grant from Communities and Local Government.

We're interested in how housing organisations can better support the work of smaller neighbourhood based organisations, by working together more effectively so that both can play a more active and effective role within their local communities.

In completing the scoping for this strand of work it was agreed that HACT would establish a national network of social housing providers that would look to explore how they might:

  • structure their operations to empower their communities;
  • transform their neighbourhoods;
  • build effective links with voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) in their localities.

The network hopes to explore how we might move towards empowered communities.

How can you and your organisation get involved in the Network?

You can attend one of our round table discussions that will explore different themes through the context of empowered communities.

They provide a great opportunity for housing practitioners to share learning and practice. 

Several round table discussions have already taken place and they have looked at a diverse range of topics including: ‘The Housing Officer of Tomorrow’ and ‘Social Enterprise’. (see all the titles in 'Past events' section below)

You can attend one of our national learning events which will pull together the learning from the round table discussions, draw from the case studies of HACT’s Together for Communities project (this looks at sustainable partnerships between housing and community anchor organisations) and will provide a forum for discussion with keynote speakers from the housing and community sectors.

You can join the Network’s interactive online resource called HACTnet where all the work of the Network will be available including reports from the round table discussions.

This aims to complement the face-to-face meetings of the Network, and will allow members to continue the discussions and will provide a space for information and resource sharing.

Further Information

For further information about the Network including information about events and how to access HACTnet, please contact John Coburn (Network Support Officer) – john.coburn@hact.org.uk / 020 7247 7800

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Communities and Local Government

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National Housing Federation