Community asset transfer toolkit

Many housing providers own a range of Community Assets as part of their property portfolio and recognise the value of working with local voluntary and community organisations to use these venues, but the management and running can be less clearly defined.

For housing provider Affinity Sutton, a strategic process of transferring the management to Community Organisations, known as Community Asset Transfer, has been devised, maximising the potential of its Community Assets. In developing this approach, Affinity Sutton have honed the process by applying lessons learned and identifying what has worked well, and were keen to share their experience with the sector. 

Over the last year, HACT has conducted research and worked with Affinity Sutton to develop a toolkit for housing providers that draws upon the approach taken by Affinity Sutton to Community Asset Transfer and the learning that has been amassed. The toolkit is intended to enable housing providers to understand operational realities and practical challenges and outlines the various steps that form the Community Asset Transfer process. The toolkit will enable housing providers to understand how to develop and incorporate a Community Asset Transfer approach within their organisation.  

Our new report on this work, launched at the NHF Annual Conference is now available to access below:

Community asset transfer: A toolkit for housing providers

Published: September 2015

Authors: Mary-Kathryn Rallings, Frances Harkin

Overview: Housing Providers typically own a range of Community Assets including land and buildings. The management of these Community Assets is a significant part of Housing Providers’ Community Investment activity, yet little is known about the strategic approach they take when managing a portfolio. Affinity Sutton asked HACT to conduct this research and produce this toolkit in conjunction with three Community Organisations that were pioneers of Affinity Sutton’s Community Asset Transfer approach.


1. Community Asset Transfer Flow Chart

2. Community Asset Transfer Requirements - November 2015

3. Community Assets Transfer Application

4. Licence agreement

5a. Welcome Handover pack

i. Letter to existing hirers

ii. Inventory

iii. Actions and misc items

iv. Gifted items

v. Handover procedure

5b. Welcome pack

i. Repairs procedure

ii. H&S Guidance

iii. No smoking policy

iv. Media brief

v. Notification procedure

vi. Welcome pack

6a. Hirers Agreement (One off bookings)

6b. Hirers Agreement (recurring bookings)

7. Social value reporting: Social Value Reporting Template

Funded by: Affinity Sutton

We are officially launching the toolkit at a networking event on 8th December

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