Behavioural insights and arrears collection

There is a growing evidence base from across a range of sectors that indicates that the way in which you communicate regarding debts can have a significant impact on collection. In order to identify the most effective forms of communication, HACT will support the sector to run cost effective yet rigorous trials of different ways of getting in touch with people who fall into arrears, with an aim of boosting rent collection rates as incomes come under increasing pressure.

Using a behavioural science approach and drawing on what we know about people’s financial behaviours, this will involve testing a range of methods of communication, along with looking at subtle differences in formatting and phrasing, in order to determine whether certain methods are more effective than others. Critically, these insights will help prioritise the actions and methods that most significantly contribute to the bottom line.

Aim: To trial different ways of communicating with tenants in arrears to find the best ways of improving rent collection.

Outputs: A report with clear guidance and evidenced best practice models about how to communicate with tenants who have fallen into arrears.

Timetable: Six months, beginning February 2016

Cost: £7,000 per organisation

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