Is Housing Really Ready to Go Digital? HACT’s digital housing programme for 2017

By Matt Leach - on 07/12/2016

Over the last week, I’ve been blogging about how housing needs to radically change its approach to going digital.  On Monday, I blogged about the five main failure points in UK housing’s approach to going digital.  On Tuesday, I focused on the three main barriers to change and how we overcome them.  On Wednesday, I asked the question quite how far housing businesses can go in digitally transforming themselves in 2017.  Yesterday I set out the key changes that need to happen if housing is to truly go digital in 2017 and launched HACT’s digital on board governance initiative, in partnership with TechUK and Hannington Tame.

Over the next few week’s HACT will be setting out a range of other initiatives to transform the way UK housing does digital, as part of the biggest sector-wide programme of digital transformation ever taken forward.  As a preview of just some of those initiatives, they will  include:

Digital capability audits

In early 2017, HACT will be launching a full Digital Capability Audit service to housing provider businesses, seeking to assess their existing digital maturity and capacity and their readiness to achieve digital change in the future.  For more information contact

HACT Launchpad

A new wave of housing innovators and disruptors will be joining HACT’s successful Innovation Launchpad, which provides a unique showcase for some of the most innovative and transformatory ideas, products and services on a path to entry into the UK housing sector.

From fresh ideas and innovations to beta projects and fully functional market ready products, the Launchpad enables housing providers to get involved with piloting and beta testing to de ne the direction of new technology in housing.  To find out more please visit

A shared data standard for UK housing

To tackle UK housings’ chaotic data landscape, HACT is leading a project in partnership with CORAIUK to create a shared data standard and reference architecture for the UK Housing sector. The project brings together a vanguard of housing providers and draws on the successfully established Dutch data standard CORA.  The  first version of the standard is due for release towards the middle of 2017. It will enable housing providers across the sector to start to transform the way they manage both data and technology from the bottom up.

To join the vanguard or to find out more contact

Digital on Board – delivering effective digital governance

We are delighted to be partnering with technology industry body techUK and digital recruitment leaders Hannington Tame to launched a major initiative aimed at placing the UK’s digital economy on every housing provider board, helping UK housing bridge its “digital governance gap”.

The initiative will:

Match digital leaders from across the UK technology sector with housing provider boards, delivering a significant increase in digital capability at governance level at a time when digital transformation is becoming an increasingly important issue for many landlords

  •  Provide full onboarding support, helping new board members understand the challenges and opportunities within the housing sector, and maximising their ability to succeed in their new housing roles
  •  Establish a network of tech-focused housing association board members to ensure that housing providers get the support they need to engage with the major digital transformation challenges that will face their businesses over the next 5 years.
  • To find out more click here or to register your interest in becoming part of the first wave of this important sector-wide initiative contact

Download our manifesto
To download a consolidated version of the last week’s blogs – “Is Housing Really Ready to Go Digital? ” - HACT’s Digital Manifesto

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