Resident Satisfaction: Project Update September 2017

By Frances Harkin - on 15/09/2017

Back in early 2016, HACT embarked on a project with seven housing providers around enhancing understanding and approaches to gathering data on resident feedback that responds to the needs of the sector.

Testing and analysis

To date, a couple of rounds of question testing have taken place with project partners testing different combinations of questions from the project Question Bank. Some of the project partners are due to undertake another round of testing in the time remaining in the project.

HACT has also undertaken initial analysis of the data using a variety of methods:

  • Descriptive statistics;
  • Qualitative coding;
  • Trends and modelling;
  • Relationships and factor analysis; and
  • Comparisons.

Cognitive testing

Additionally, HACT has facilitated several focus groups with residents from several of the participating housing providers to give residents the opportunity to provide feedback on the questions and surveying in general. Cognitive testing involves talking with survey respondents – residents in this case – to understand their interpretation of questions, the thought processes they go through to answer questions, and question scales, among other elements. This is a vital process for understanding whether we are measuring what we think we are measuring when surveying. More cognitive testing with other participating housing providers will take place in the coming months.

Next steps and proposed final outputs

With the project drawing to a close at the end of this year (2017), we are looking to amass as much learning as we can before sharing the insights to the wider sector in early 2018. In addition to analysis of the data generated by the project partners using the project Question Bank, HACT will be conducting in-depth discussions with project partners to better understand where, how and why changes to gathering and using data on resident feedback have occurred and what questions and considerations needed to be taken into account internally.

From discussions with the project partners, we anticipate sharing three key outputs:

  1. Step-by-step guidance for enhancing the process of gathering and using resident feedback

internally within organisations. Project partner have identified the process of re-examining how they think about resident satisfaction has been an invaluable piece of learning, therefore, we can keen to share this as a core output


  1. A report on the analysis and insights generated from the rounds of testing and focus groups taken place.


  1. The developed Question Bank that has been developed as part of the project.

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