Community-Led Housing 'Learning from experience' workshops

HACT and Locality organised two events at the beginning of 2015 to explore the opportunities and challenges faced by the Community-Led Housing sectorYou can see below the presentations that were used during both events in London on January 28th and in York on February 17th of 2015. 

Policy overview; the future for community-led housing developments

The opening session gave an understanding of the current and future context for promoting and developing community-led housing.

  • Community Led Housing – Catherine Harrington (National Community Land Trust Network)

  • Community DIY Housing Solutions - Jo Gooding (Cohousing Network)

  • Homes and Communities Agency - Victoria Keen

  • Community Campus 87 - Ian Cockerill 


Workshop 1: When does Community Right to Build work best?

This workshop looked at the history of Community Right to Build, the limited number of schemes developed in this way and the future potential for Community Right to Build under the DCLG’s new framework.

  • Community Right to Build – Lyn Kesterton (Locality)

  • Community Right to Build Orders – Dave Chetwyn (Urban Vision Enterprise CIC)

Workshop 2: Key ingredients for a successful Community-Led Housing project

Led by an experienced practitioner with specific experience of partnership, this workshop looked at the main ingredients for successful Community-Led Housing projects drawing on a series of case studies complied by HACT and Locality.

  • Key Ingredients for a successful Community-Led Housing project – Jon Stevens (HACT associate)

  • Pete Duncan - Stocksfield Community Association



Workshop 3: New approaches to Community-Led Housing in an urban context

Many recent Community-Led Housing projects have addressed rural housing problems; this workshop looked at some current projects that have an urban dimension, considering the particular challenges and opportunities of working in an urban setting.

  • Witton Lodge Community Association – Afzal Hussain

  • Saffron EcoHousing – Neil Hodgkin

  • New approaches in an urban context - Sally Thomas (North Star Housing)


Workshop 4: Neighbourhood Planning perspectives

This workshop looked at how Neighbourhood Plans and related powers can be used to support Community-Led Housing.

  • Neighbourhood Planning perspectives – Dave Chetwyn (Urban Vision Enterprise CIC)


Workshop 5: The role of housing associations in supporting Community-Led Housing projects

This workshop looked at specific projects that have involved a community group working with a housing association, exploring the different roles of the partners and good practice guidelines. 

  • CLT and Housing Association partnership – Steve Watson (Wessex Community Land Trust)

  • Housing Association and CLT partnership – Kevin Hartnett (Hastoe Housing)  

  • The role of housing associations in successful community led housing projects - Anna James (Plus Dane Group)


Final plenary - What next?

The final session is a panel discussion led off by a spokesperson from the DCLG outlining current government thinking.

  • Community Right to Build – Jenny Frew (DCLG)