Current research

RCTs and social housing

The second report from our project with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation will focus on and draw insights from RCTs that have already been run by social housing organisations, or are in the process of being run. 

Operational model review

This project is an evaluation of the new operating model of a leading social housing organisation based in the North East, evidencing the impact of the new model on customer service, communities, the business and, where feasible, the public purse. 

Mental health service evaluation

An evaluation of Orbit's Breathing Space project, which aims to develop and deliver a local programme to expertly engage those Orbit customers with lower level mental health conditions into positive pathways towards meaningful activities and improved self-management.

Financial literacy service evaluation

An evaluation of Orbit's Earn It, Don't Burn It service, which was a two year service designed to enable customers to achieve a more financially secure future by developing their own long-term financial capability skills.

Furniture service evaluation

Research study of the benefits of a furniture service for social housing organisation tenants. The purpose of the research report to be produced by HACT is to communicate the wider value for the sector of subscribing to the furniture service with the view of getting more social housing organisations signed up.

Customer feedback research

Research to understand how feedback on the customer experience can be put into more meaningful operational use, including why social housing organisations collect customer satisfaction data, decision making process around selection for measures and methods, and the ways in which social housing organisations communicate how they have actioned their findings. 

Learning to succeeed evaluation

Three year evaluation of the programme a G15 social housing organisation delivers in schools to encourage young people, particularly female students, to take up careers in STEM and the built sector. The programme is delivered across multiple schools with a delivery partner. HACT is conducting both analysis of surveys filled in by students and volunteers runing the sessions and also qualitative researhc, observing the sessions and interviewing key stakeholders.

Responding to Covid-19

Working with Placeshapers to identify and assess the experiences and trends in their member’s responses to the Covid-19 pandemic both in the context of the immediate-term priorities and to understand the longer-term impact of this new-operating environment.


To discuss your research requirements, please contact Dr Frances Harkin, Head of Research.