Community Investment and the Bottom Line: Data Science Techniques

Explore the potential of data science to understand the impact of community investment on the business

HACT offers the opportunity to understand the data science techniques used to examine the correlation between residents who are in employment with rent arrears and repairs costs.

While the benefit of community investment outcomes to individuals is acknowledged, limited research has explored the impact of the activities on the housing provider’s bottom line. Last year, HACT embarked on a project to look at just that. As the ground-breaking project gets close to publishing findings, we will discuss our preliminary results and explore the implications for the impact of your community investment programmes on the business.

We will also be explaining how we used advanced data science techniques, with particular emphasis upon how meaningful results can be extracted, even when faced with constraining or limited data sets.

Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the significance of the results that have been obtained to date, as well as insights into the methodology and analysis pipeline. We will provide attendees with a demonstration of the business insight that can be gained through data science techniques.

This event is aimed at those who manage community investment programmes. 

Monday 11th April 2016 - 14:00 to 16:00
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Free for housing providers