Creating an Open Data Standard for the UK Housing Sector

Exploring approaches to the creation and adoption of a new data standard for the UK housing sector.

Is your business making the most of the data it holds? Are your current data systems holding back your data ambitions?  Do you find it hard to bring data together from across your business quickly, cheaply and effectively?

Many housing providers are currently struggling to fully realise the benefits of data in their businesses – UK housing suffers from messy and unstructured data and data systems that can make solving these issues prohibitively expensive as well as placing barriers in the way of business efficiency, integration and innovation.  HACT CEO Matt Leach published a well received blog on the subject this summer.

An increasing number of housing providers are starting to consider whether a Common Data Standard - providing common definitions of processes and key data might help overcome these issues and enable housing to benefit from easier data integration, simplified data sharing and benchmarking, and provide a spur to increased competition and innovation in data software markets. 

Drawing on the success of the Dutch data standard CORA, which has been in development for the last five years, CORA UK presented their proposals for a common data standard to a HACT data event this summer.  Building on the huge interest this has generated, HACT is holding a follow-up roundtable to explore next steps in creating an common data standard for the UK housing sector. 

The event will explore approaches to the creation and adoption of a new data standard for the sector and seek identify potential partners to take forward elements of a possible new standard.  

Come along for your chance to learn how you can participate in the process and benefit from the opportunities that data and process definition standards may offer uk housing.

This event is intended for those responsibile for either business transformation or information and data systems at a strategic level.

Tuesday 11th October 2016 - 14:00 to 16:00
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Free for housing providers