Health and housing conference 2019

This conference brought to you in partnership with Northern Housing Consortium and the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment is an opportunity for colleagues from across health, housing and social care to come together and explore solutions to the shared challenges the sector faces.

Place Based Population Health: The Role for Housing

Eight months ago, the NHS long-term plan was published. It set out the priorities for healthcare over the next decade and explained how the NHS funding settlement would be used. With the Government reinvesting in health and healthcare, it’s clear that housing has a critical role to play.

The long-term plan recognised that to address the current and future needs of the population, we need to invest in community-based solutions at a preventative level and redesign healthcare services work with new delivery partners. It highlighted the role housing associations play as anchor institutions in neighbourhoods. 

When it comes to health, this role isn’t just about the provision of supported housing. Housing also has a part to play through its community investment activities, as well as in alleviating some of the pressures on the NHS workforce, for example. The role of housing in place-based population health will, in fact, be crucial to the future success of the NHS. 

This conference will provide delegates with an insight into the future of the health sector, and the role that housing can play in delivering place-based population health services. 


10.10 - How will integrated care develop over the next five years? 

Speakers: Dr Sarah Munro, CEO of Leeds and York Partnership Trust

The NHS is developing Integrated Care Systems, based on a population approach to peoples’ health that will be delivered at different levels of place. Sarah will talk about her experience of integrated working, how she sees the system developing over the next five years, and how housing has contributed to date. She will explain how housing organisations can identify where they could best contribute and achieve business growth. 

10.45 - The development of population health at the level of place: The Primary Care Home experience

Speakers: Dr Caroline Taylor, NHS Calderdale CCG

Working together across primary and community health services is central to the long-term plan, as well as being at the heart of the National Association of Primary Care’s primary care home model, which is an advanced primary care network. Caroline will explore how to make it happen, how to overcome the challenges and look at the difference it can make for patients, staff and the health system.

11.15 - Panel discussion: The role of housing in population health and the development of place

Speakers: Dr Caroline Taylor, NHS Calderdale CCG; Charlie Norman, CEO St Vincent Mosscare; Rachael Byrne, Executive Director, New Models of Care; Andrew van Doorn, HACT

How does this work in practice? How can we work together at a neighbourhood and system wide level to improve the health and well-being of our tenants and residents? How can we solve some of the issues facing the health sector through greater cooperation, particularly workforce issues?

11.45 - The NHS long-term plan: What does it mean for greater collaboration to address homelessness?

Speakers: Gill Leng, National Homelessness Adviser, MHCLG

Many of the unprecedented number of homeless people living in our cities have mental health problems or complex health needs. These need an integrated response from the health and housing sectors. Gill will outline her vision about how health and housing response could respond.

12.15 - Lunch and networking

13.15 - The role of social prescribing in population health

Speakers: Gez Kellaghen, Community Regeneration Manager, Peabody

Increasingly the NHS is seeing social prescribing as a way of helping health practitioners direct patients to non-clinical services within their communities. Gez will talk about how housing associations can leverage their social investment activity to the benefit of their residents and in particular their health and well-being. 

(This session is sponsored by the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment)

13.45 - Practice sessions: What is housing's contribution to place? (choose from the following)

PPS1 Housing’s contribution to Integrated Care Systems (ICS): The Wakefield Experience

Speakers: Sarah Roxby, Associate Director, Health, Housing and Transformation, Wakefield District Housing and NHS Wakefield CCG

Sarah will be talking about how housing organisations are integrated into the work of their local integrated partnership and the practical steps they have taken to ensure there is integration at all levels of the system.

PPS2 Community investment: Can we align investment across neighbourhoods to deliver even greater benefits for local residents

Speakers: Marsha McAdam (tbc), Peter Molyneux Charlie Norman, CEO St Vincent Mosscare

Key to the effectiveness of the long-term plan is local organisations working to prevent ill-health with individuals and communities. Community investment by housing associations is one of the hidden gems of the movement. How can we use the development of the long-erm plan to improve the lives of local residents and deliver business growth?

PPS3 Older people: How can we use place-based responses as a way of improving peoples’ experience of older age 

Speakers: Andrew van Doorn, HACT

Key to the success of Primary Care Networks and population health will be improving the experience and health outcomes of older people. We will explore how the providers of designated housing for older people can work within the new structures to deliver greater well-being for residents and greater tenant satisfaction. 

14.45 - Practice sessions (same as above)

15.45 - Close of conference


Thursday 17th October 2019 - 9:30 to 15:45
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