Integrated Care Systems: professional development programme

A four-part development programme for housing providers looking to become core place-based partners in local work with the NHS

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HACT is launching a new programme of support and business development for housing associations to help them successfully engage with Integrated Care Systems in the NHS.

Beginning in February 2019, this six month programme will bring housing associations (HAs) together into a learning network to help them understand this new landscape, build their credibility, and explore how they can engage with the NHS as core place-based partners in local communities.

At the end of the programme, HAs will have new insights into how local healthcare systems operate, how Sustainability Transformation Partnerships are evolving into Integrated Care Systems, and the opportunities for their organisations as core placed-based partners.

The Integrated Care Systems and Housing Development Programme will be a learning forum for up to 20 housing associations to:

  • strengthen their understanding of how to engage with their local health colleagues;
  • build awareness of the competencies needed to deliver within a healthcare setting;
  • explore, discuss and address critical and difficult issues;
  • involve timely and very well targeted development opportunities relating to innovation;
  • capture cutting edge knowledge that can be more widely disseminated;
  • model some of the joint work in practice that has been described in policy; and
  • describe and refine the offer of housing associations to NHS providers and commissioners.

Further information

HACT is now recruiting housing associations to this ambitious and crucial programme. For a further conversation about what we can offer you, please contact:

Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive, HACT or

Peter Molyneux, Managing Director, Common Cause Consulting 

Key dates 

The provisional dates for the programme are:

Day 1: Tuesday 26 February 2019

Day 2: Tuesday 26 March 2019

Day 3: Wednesday 1 May 2019

Day 4: Tuesday 11 June 2019

Venues will be confirmed once we know the geographical spread of participants.


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Tuesday 26th February 2019 - 10:00 to 17:00
Event price

£2,500 (plus VAT) NB - this is for the full development programme