An introduction to measuring your social value

Masterclass attendees will learn to understand, measure, and communicate their social impact using the latest versions of the UK Social Value Bank and associated tools and resources. This masterclass will benefit anyone seeking a robust and proportionate way to measure and attach a value to the social impact of their work in communities.

The UK Social Value Bank, engineered by HACT and Simetrica, has become the standard approach to social impact measurement in the housing sector. Our ongoing work to develop and expand the UK SVB has maintained its position as a thought-leader in this area.

What will you learn

  • The background to the theory behind social impact measurement, an introduction to valuation, and an explanation of the wellbeing valuation approach
  • Getting to know the UK Social Value Bank – the most robust set of methodologically consistent social values available. We will include all the values that have been added to the Social Value Bank since its launch, including moving into employment, financial comfort, living in a good neighbourhood, rectification of problems with the physical environment, and the latest addition – the value of mental health improvements
  • A full practical demonstration on how to apply these values using the latest version of the Value Calculator to measure the social impact of your work in a proportionate way to ensure reliable results, enabling benefits to be compared with costs
  • How to communicate your results, use results to inform decisions and to maximise your social impact
  • Examples of how other organisations have used the Social Value Bank to understand results, inform decision making, and improve their work



  • Better understanding of the Social Value Bank and the field of social impact measurement
  • Knowledge of how the figures can be used at your organisation
  • Get ahead of the curve – the Social Value Bank is used by over 400 organisations, and that will rise as social value measurement becomes increasingly established as part of public sector processes

Attendees from outside of the housing sector are more than welcome. No prior knowledge is required to attend.

Monday 24th June 2019 - 13:00 to 17:00