Making a business case for community investment

This masterclass will be run in Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Cambridge. Check event description for full details of time and date for each location.

With many community investment budgets being reduced amidst financial pressures faced by housing associations, HACT’s Head of Communities Barry Malki looks at how to make a compelling business case to maintain backing for this key function. Supporting communities is an essential element of housing, and it is ingrained into the fabric of what we do, so this session will look at a variety of key considerations to keep social investment at the core, and not an expendable add on.


Dates and locations

17 October 2018, 1-4pm - Bristol

18 October 2018, 1-4pm - Manchester

8 November 2018, 1-4pm - Newcastle

9 November 2018, 1-4pm - Glasgow

7 February 2019, 1-4pm - Birmingham

28 February 2019, 1-4pm - Cambridge


What will you learn?

The session will look at:

• Understanding the internal and external consequences of not supporting communities.

• Looking at the hidden benefits of interventions.

• Overlapping internal and external priorities.

• Defining a cost/benefit analysis for successful community interventions.



• Embed concepts like enfranchisement and mobility into your community investment models to make for a more compelling business case.

• Have a strategic approach to community investment.

• Understand community investment in empirical terms, with regard to tangible outcomes and funding pressures.

• Robustly measure the impact of your community investment initiatives in terms of benefit to the individual, your organisation, and society, in order to tailor your business case to different stakeholders.

Wednesday 17th October 2018 - 13:00
Event price

£250 + eventbrite fees