Moving on from Bad Data

It’s time to stop complaining about bad data and take action.

Be part of the discussion about how we move from ‘bad’ data and start to define what housing providers can do with better data.  

Many housing providers recognize that there are weaknesses and limitations in the data they currently hold, and that they aren’t harnessing the power of existing data. So, is it time to call a moratorium on complaining about the bad data in the housing sector and move towards action? Can we start to put in place the approaches that will help us to build better data for the future? What is our data stopping us from doing, and how would better data support improvements in our businesses?

This workshop will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss these questions and lay the groundwork for a shift from bad data to better data. We invite you to join us and discuss how we can collectively build better data within the sector. Attendees will be encouraged to share initiatives within their own organizations to move towards better data. We’ll also highlight examples to demonstrate how better data could lift constraints on valuable data driven analysis and we’ll start to talk about action, considering the feasibility of approaches to bring the quality of data within the social housing sector towards a consistent standard.

This event is aimed at those working in Business Intelligence, as well as those charged with improving data within their organisations.

Monday 25th April 2016 - 14:00 to 16:00
Event price

Free for housing providers