A place-based approach to improving health and wellbeing

Find out how your community investment programmes can improve health and wellbeing in your local communities.

Housing associations make a huge contribution to place-based health and wellbeing. It is often a core part of their community investment programmes and builds on their strengths as place-based social purpose organisations with long term interests in both their customers and their communities.

Alongside housing associations, there are many other organisations, such as the NHS, local authorities, public health and voluntary and community groups working to improve wellbeing outcomes, and a coordinated approach is needed.

This masterclass will look at how the community investment programmes of housing associations can be configured to meet the health and wellbeing priorities of local communities.


What will you learn?

The masterclass will help participants:

• Explore the current debates in community based healthcare.

• Understand the role of housing in social prescribing.

• Identify how HAs can engage in initiatives such as the Prevention Concordat for mental wellbeing.

• Hear about the tools people use to identify local need and prioritise their investment.

• Understand how to build relationships with both primary health care providers and public health.


Following the masterclass you will be able to:

• Start building the right relationships with community based partners that benefit your customers and communities.

• Feel confident about understanding how the NHS delivers healthcare in a community setting.

• Improved insight about how to map need and create priorities for investment.

• Start thinking about how to frame your future strategies for engagement and investment that improves wellbeing.

• Confident about measuring the wellbeing outcomes you will deliver.

Tuesday 27th November 2018 - 13:00 to 16:00
Event price

£200 + eventbrite fees