Social value in development, regeneration and the built environment

Learn how to use social value calculations to best effect in your development and regeneration work.

There is increasing interest in how social value can be generated in development, the built environment and regeneration schemes. Councils and central government are increasingly using the Social Value Act 2012 to inform their decision making and housing associations are asking for more consideration to be made of social value in their new developments, and regeneration schemes.

Traditionally, development, asset management and regeneration schemes have focused on employment and training outcomes when producing social value. However, social value considerations can and should be far more embedded in these projects, from informing appraisals and improving design, to aiding community consultation and driving customer satisfaction.


What will you learn?

• Background to the theory behind social impact measurement, and the wellbeing valuation approach.

• Getting to know the UK Social Value Bank values.

• Why you should use impact measurement in development.

• Different ways to use the SVB throughout the development process.

• Case studies and examples - hear from people who are doing it.



• Practical ways to incorporate social value considerations in development schemes.

• Understanding how others are using social value information in development.

• Gaining a wider understanding of how social value can be used to design better schemes and improve the built environment.

Tuesday 15th January 2019 - 13:00 to 17:00
Event price

£200 + eventbrite fees