Social value for procurement managers (Manchester)

Are you a procurement or community investment professional working in the housing sector? Have you considered HACT’s approach to social impact measurement within the procurement process, but need support to generate greater social value through the supply chain and to embed the methodology? This masterclass focuses on the practical steps that will prepare you to embed social value within the procurement lifecycle.

Working in partnership with Towers & Hamlins and echelon Consultancy, HACT has developed a social value and procurement toolkit covering the life cycle of procurement, from scoping through to tender evaluation, mobilisation, contract management and reporting. 

This workshop will introduce you to the toolkit and take you through HACT’s Wellbeing Valuation Approach, with a detailed look at practical steps necessary to embed social value successfully throughout each stage of the procurement process.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the background to social value measurement and the Wellbeing Valuation Approach;
  • Identify and clearly communicate social value priorities to contractors;
  • Embed use of the Social Value Bank (via the Value Calculator or Value Insight) to generate as part of invitations to tender;
  • Evaluate tenders using a systematic approach, with the appropriate expertise;
  • Develop clear KPIs for assessing social value; and
  • Maximise the social value generated through the supply chain;

Who should attend?

The training is aimed at procurement and community investment professionals (as well as those charged with social value more generally) working within the housing sector who aspire to successfully incorporate social value through the procurement life-cycle. Training assumes no prior knowledge of social impact and is suitable for those new to social value or those experiencing challenges in implementing it within the procurement process.

Who delivers the training?

The Masterclass is delivered by HACT staff, including the Social Impact Advisers who are experts in Wellbeing Valuation and have worked with housing providers of all shapes and sizes to develop robust and systematic procedures for embedding social value within their business.

Further information

This training is based on HACT’s Social Value and Procurement Toolkit supported by HACT’s Wellbeing Valuation Approach and associated guide, Measuring the Social Impact of Community Investment: A Guide to using the Wellbeing Valuation Approach, to be used in conjunction with HACT’s Value Calculator and Practice notes. For further information please see HACT’s publications. A copy of the Guide will be provided for all masterclass participants.

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Cost: £225 +VAT per person, lunch included

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Thursday 13th October 2016 - 10:00 to 15:00
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