Understanding housing associations for the NHS

For those working in the NHS, to learn how housing associations can be a key partner in delivering integrated services.

Increasingly the NHS is being asked to develop new relationships and integrated services with a range of different providers. Housing is a key partner to the NHS who can help with both safe discharge and long-term recovery and independent living, particularly for those with more complex needs.

However, the housing sector can sometimes feel disjointed and confusing and leaders in the NHS have little understanding about how access to housing works, and which providers they should turn to for help.

This masterclass is for people working in the NHS, for Providers or Commissioners, to help them understand social housing, how it works and the providers who deliver the majority of social housing in the UK – housing associations.


What will you learn?

The masterclass will help participants answer the following questions:

• Who housing associations are and how they operate.

• How they engage with NHS and local authority commissioners and how they are paid.

• How they shape and deliver local services and create delivery supply chains.

• What role they play within wider communities.

• How people get access to housing and who gatekeeps social housing.

• How supported housing works and who pays for it.

• What housing associations can do to help the NHS with their priorities.

• How to meet the right people and make partnerships work.



Following the masterclass you will be able to:

• Start building the right relationships with the right housing associations that benefit your patients.

• Feel confident about understanding how housing associations deliver connected healthcare and support services.

• Have insights about the local housing market and who the key players are.

• Start thinking about how to frame your asks and offers to the housing sector and why they need to be different depending on who you are talking to.

Wednesday 20th March 2019 - 13:00 to 16:00
Event price

£250 + eventbrite fees