Healthy Eating

It is well known that the UK is on the brink of an obesity epidemic; healthy eating is therefore of major interest to Public Health England (PHE). Healthy Eating interventions are often run to try and improve the diet and health of a target population.

These interventions are generally not undertaken by the housing industry; however, in 2014 PHE invited applications from housing providers to receive funding for small-scale healthy eating pilot studies. From over 200 applicants, five were awarded funding: First Choice Homes Oldham, New Charter, Riverside, South Yorkshire Housing Association and Trident.

The purpose of the research was to investigate the ability of housing providers to undertake healthy eating interventions and to look at whether they may be best placed to encourage healthy eating going forward. HACT was employed by PHE to carry out the evaluation. HACT designed a questionnaire for the housing associations to give to participants, which included pre and post intervention assessment. Interviews were also conducted with the housing associations before the to understand their interventions and delivery mechanisms, and after the pilots to discuss their reflections on the interventions. Using quantitative data from the questionnaire and qualitative data from the interviews, HACT is finalising the report for delivery to PHE in the autumn. 

Funded by: Public Health England

Participants: First Choice Homes Oldham; New Charter; Riversdie; South Yorkshire Housing Association; Trident