How are you collecting feedback? 

Traditionally, housing associations have used transactional or satisfaction surveys. 

How effective are they in practice? 

Ask yourself the question, how many surveys are you asked to fill in on a daily basis? How many of them do you actually respond to? Survey fatigue means you need to look at other ways of collecting feedback.  

One option is resident sentiment analysis. This can give you deeper insight into the wealth of data you collect on your residents. 

As you revise your approach to collecting feedback, you also have to be mindful of other factors including GDPR issues, the implications of the Market Research Society’s code of conduct and how you demonstrate that your approach meets the requirements of the Equality Act. 

We can help you think beyond the survey. 

Our support

At every touchpoint, there is an opportunity to gather feedback. 

We can help you make every contact count.

Diagnostic tool: a review of your current approach, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and providing you with a roadmap to improve the way you collect resident feedback. 

Insight tool:  expert advice, best practice examples and coaching around resident sentiment analysis, digital engagement and real-time insights as well as the relative benefits and risks of different approaches to capturing customer voices – continuous vs one moment in time annual data capture. 

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Our resident feedback framework

The response of social housing organisations to the Covid-19 pandemic and their engagement with their residents provides an unprecedented opportunity.

Our framework, developed and published in 2020, can help you build on that engagement and implement a resident feedback model that has the experience of residents – and their voice – at the heart of the business of social housing.

Find out how we can help you improve your approach to resident feedback.