Integrated Care Systems programme

Integrated Care Systems and Housing Development Programme 

This online development programme helps housing associations engage with Integrated Care Systems in the NHS.

Over 25 housing associations have already benefitted from our previous development progammes. Beginning in February 2021, this new online programme will bring delegates together so they can:

  • strengthen their understanding of how to engage with their local health colleagues; 
  • build awareness of the competencies needed to deliver within a healthcare setting;
  • identify partnering opportunities with health; 
  • describe and refine their offer to NHS providers and commissioners;
  • Build their credibility as potential partners with the health sector.

“The programme helped me to refocus on what we do, why we do it and what we’re trying to achieve.”

Nicky Ellison, National Specialist Support Manager, Anchor Hanover

How it works

The four online sessions will take place across four months, faciliated by Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive, HACT and Peter Molyneux, Managing Director, Common Cause Consulting.

Both are recognised experts in housing and health, and both hold NED positions on NHS Trusts. They have exhaustive contacts within the health and care sectors. A range of guest speakers will be invited to participate in the sessions, bringing with them insights and expertise on how Integrated Care Systems are working in practice.

Delegates will be encouraged to work together as an action learning set so they can develop and embed learning from the programme. They will work together with support from Drew and Peter to define and articulate the offer of their organisation to local health systems.

The programme will enable delegates to engage in long-term partnerships that transform the delivery of health and care, while simultaneously resulting in better integration between housing and health.

“The programme gave me the opportunity to network, to understand other organisation’s experience and to be inspired. Unlike other events, this was much more intimate.”

(Charmaine Simei, Director of Community Investment, Longhurst)

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Further information

For more information about the ICS programmes, please contact:

Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive, HACT or

Peter Molyneux, Managing Director, Common Cause Consulting