Latest data

How much are your customers borrowing?

Use the latest data on personal and mortgage debt to target your advice services more effectively.


How green is your local area?

Use the latest data on green spaces to promote healthier lifestyles for your residents, and your community.


Who’s the most energy efficient? 

How the new data on energy efficiency can help you to target your fuel poverty programmes.


From ASB to youth unemployment: all the data you need in one place

New updates: unemployment data, youth unemployment data, ASB, burglary, drug crime offences, average house prices and more.


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£5000+VAT for an annual subcription includes:

  • Unlimited users in the organisation
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Constant data updates.

If your organisation has 1,000-2,500 homes, the annual subscription is £2,500 +VAT

If your organisation has under 1,000 homes, the annual subscription is £1,000 +VAT

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