Changing the conversation, promoting voting rights


HACT is delighted to support the Homeless Not Voteless campaign that has been launched today by Expert Focus.

“Homeless Not Voteless is one election campaign that HACT is delighted to support,” stated Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. ”The initiative will enable homeless people to vote and have their say in the forthcoming general election, helping them change the conversation around homelessness, as well as the perception of homeless people. This is supporting Experts by Experience – people who have experienced homelessness – working alongside other volunteers to hit the streets, hostels and day centres to support people to get registered to vote.”

“HACT is supporting this campaign as it reflects our origins as an organisation that was founded almost 60 years ago to tackle homelessness and alleviate poverty through quality housing. During this time, the issue of homelessness has always been on our agenda, whether in helping to set up Shelter, promoting mental health services for homeless people, or working with innovative organisations such as Expert Focus on initiatives like Homeless Not Voteless.”

The Homeless Not Voteless campaign will involve volunteers discussing voting rights with homeless people and helping them to sign up and register to vote. The campaign is groundbreaking in its simplicity and commitment, going out onto the streets to work personally with individual homeless people so they can vote in the election on 12 December.

Campaign leaflets explaining the voting rights of homeless people will be distributed across London boroughs, focusing on Westminster and neighbouring areas. Members of HACT staff will also be getting involved, volunteering their time to help deliver this important initiative.

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