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Our services

We are pleased to offer the following services to clients:

Research Opportunities

Drawing on our extensive research expertise, we are in the initial stages of developing a number of projects around evaluating the health interventions made by housing providers. By coordinating research bodies and housing providers, we will ensure that the evidence that emerges will be robust and credible to the health sector. Currently, research councils will fund evaluations, but not interventions themselves. Likewise, housing providers have funds for interventions, but struggle to justify the cost of an evaluation. We are looking for housing providers who are interested in playing a role in these projects:

·         Asset Management and Living well in Later Life

·         The Health Impact of Community Investment Programmes

·         Housing, Health and the Frail Elderly

·         Delivering Effective Public Health Interventions

·         Social Prescribing

·         The Health Impact of Retrofit and Energy Efficiency Programmes

·         The health Impact of decent homes


Strategy and Business Development

HACT have helped housing providers develop community investment strategies and mental health and wellbeing strategies. We apply our extensive experience in participation, research and evaluation, to underpin strategy development. We provide guidance and support in implementing and embedding your strategy within your organisation, whether you are starting from a blank page or revising an existing strategy. Our current focus is on:

·         Articulating the risk of an ageing and vulnerable customer base

·         Hospital Discharge and Reablement – a new role for sheltered housing?

·         Making the best use of sheltered housing


HACT are keen to share learning from across housing and health. To that end, we will be holding a series of masterclasses on the most salient issues that housing providers are grappling with. As well as hearing from speakers from across health, the masterclasses will provide an opportunity to meet other like-minded housing providers and think about opportunities for collaboration. Masterclasses for 2015 include:

·         Systems Leadership

·         How is money spent in the NHS?

·         How does evidence drive innovation in the NHS?

·         Hospital Discharge and Reablement – a new role for sheltered housing?

·         Employment and mental health

·         Health 2.0 (Health, technology, and housing)

·         Health Commissioning in Practice

·         Managing Clinical Governance and Risk between organisations.

Current Projects

To move beyond the limited ‘case-study’ approach to evaluating the healthcare interventions made by housing providers, HACT and Public Health England are working together to produce a set of research standards. When a housing provider evaluates a health intervention or scheme, they can ensure that findings feed into a wider evidence base by structuring their research around these standards. HACT have been working with leading housing providers to develop standards that are relevant to the ambitions of the sector.

In association with key health partners, HACT have been running a mental health and housing development programme. Housing providers that provide varying levels of support from across the country have attended workshops over the past year to learn how they can support the health of their communities.


Contact us to get involved. Whether you've got a project in mind, a question you want answering or just want to have a chat about our health research, you can email us or call us on 020 7250 8500.