Quantifying the Business Impact of ASB and Youth Work

HACT has successfully used a data science approach to analyse the bottom line impact of employment interventions and is now expanding this offer to ASB and youth work interventions.

ASB and youth work is a big area of investment for many housing associations. Quantifying the business impact of these interventions can be challenging, particularly in the case of interventions that are primarily preventative.

Aim: This project will quantify the financial impact to the business of these sort of interventions, putting a quantifiable figure on the value of undertaking them.

In phase one (scoping), HACT will work with you to understand the work you do in this area and the related costs, the data you hold and how you use it. Using this information, we will then build a model specifically adapted to your data and interventions. In phase two (analysis), we will apply this model to analyse your data, ultimately producing a quantifiable monetary figure for the value of your ASB and youth work interventions.

Timetable: Scoping is estimated to take two months, whilst analysis is dependent upon scope, with indicative timescales of three months.

Cost: Scoping is costed at £4500 + VAT. The cost of phase 2 is dependent on scope (the data available, how many interventions will be analysed, the methods to be used, etc).

If you are interested in this project and would like to find out more, please contact: william.howard@hact.org.uk