Understanding resident satisfaction

In summer 2015, HACT completed a scoping study with 18 housing providers, asking the fundamental question: Are current approaches to measuring and analysing resident satisfaction fit for purpose?

Exploring current approaches to measuring resident satisfaction, we found that substantial amounts of data are collected, but not analysed, that there are a range of methodological issues with current approaches, and that the strength and validity of benchmarking outputs is a key concern. 

Aim: The next phase of work seeks to develop a new, co-created model for gathering data and understanding and responding to resident feedback that responds to the needs of the sector, addresses the challenges present in current methods, and improves the evidence base about the methods used to build and analyse satisfaction scores.

Critically, the new approach is intended to produce actionable insights that will enable housing providers to inform business decisions, delivery quality services, improve service delivery and efficiency, and respond to resident feedback. By comparing an understanding of the impact of activities to their costs, housing providers will be able to make far more evidence-informed decisions about which activities represent value for money, and be able to provide a robust evidence base for decisions to invest (or disinvest) in activities in their Value for Money self-assessments. 

Timescale: The project launched in December 2015 and will conclude in December 2017. The approach developed during the course of the project as well as any associated tools and guidance will be disseminated to the wider sector in early 2018.

Co-funded by BPHA, Catalyst, Equity, Family Mosaic, North Hertfordshire Homes, One Manchester, Trafford Housing Trust. 

To find out more about this project, please email Frances Harkin or call 020 7250 8500.

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‘Are current approaches to measuring and analysing resident satisfaction fit for purpose?' By Frances Harkin and Mary-Kathryn Rallings Adams (25 August 2015).