Resident satisfaction scoping study

Surveying residents has the potential to provide insights about their level of satisfaction with services and their landlords in general. This data can be used to inform business decisions, as well as enabling benchmarking of satisfaction results with other housing providers. However, housing providers have expressed concerns that current approaches may not reflect best practice in generating customer insight, lack rigour in terms of methodology, and provide a poor basis for judging business performance.

HACT embarked upon a scoping study in partnership with SImetrica, and eighteen housing providers to explore these key issues with current approaches in more detail. 

The study identified various challenges with current approaches, including how to ensure that appropriate methods are selected, a range of survey biases, the lack of insights provided, the fact that analysis does not enable housing providers to infer the drivers of changes in satisfaction and the lack of strength and validity of current benchmarking outputs. As a result of all of the practical concerns and challenges, as well as the clear methodological issues with current approaches, housing providers are cautious about using results to inform decision-making. HACT is embarking on a new project to develop a new approach to measuring resident satisfaction, which will facilitate a robust understanding of the extent to which a housing provider is able to influence satisfaction and the tools it has at its disposal to do so. This approach will enable housing providers to make decisions based on the evidence and insights collected, as well as understanding how those decisions will impact their businesses and the lives of their residents. The project will also improve the evidence base about the methods used to create and analyse satisfaction scores.

Co-funded by project participants: Bron Afon Community Housing; Catalyst Housing Group; City South Manchester Housing Trust (now merged with Eastlands Homes to form One Manchester); DCH Group; Equity Housing Group; Family Mosaic; First Choice Homes Oldham; Hanover Housing Association; Hastoe Housing Association; Knightstone Housing Association; Midland Heart; Plus Dane Group; Radian Group; Sovereign Housing Association; Sovini; Tai Calon Community Housing; Thames Valley Housing Association; Trafford Housing Trust