Social Value Bank

HACT, working with with Daniel Fujiwara, have created the largest bank of methodologically consistent and robust social values ever produced. The values can provide a basic assessment of social impact, provide evidence of value for money, and compare the impact of different programmes. The values can also be used within a full SROI or Cost-Benefit Analysis.

The Social Value Bank represents a major step forward in the quality of resources available to those seeking to place a social value on community-focused activity. It is available for housing providers to use at no cost. 

We have developed a range of tools to apply the the values in the Social Value Bank. The first of these are the Measuring the Social Impact of Community Investment: A Guide to using the Wellbeing Valuation Approach (which contains headline figures from the Social Value Bank), and the Value Calculator spreadsheet tool.

We plan for the Social Value Bank to continue to grow and develop.