Social Value Bank: Practice Notes

Social Value Bank: Practice Notes

Published: October 2014

Author: Lizzie Trotter

When we launched our Social Value Bank and more recently our Value Insight tool, we knew it was a work in progress rather than a final product. We were ready to learn from people applying these values in their organisations and thank you to those who have asked questions and provided feedback. We have been taking notes during our masterclasses, phone calls and from emails with you and these have led to considerable progress.

We have produced Practice Notes to capture and reflect all this learning to clarify, develop and build on the original guidance ‘Measuring the Social Impact of Community Investment: A Guide to using the Wellbeing Valuation Approach’. Please read these Practice Notes and adhere to them when applying the Social Value Bank either through the Value Calculator or Value Insight.

We will continue to gather learnings from their application and re-issue these notes on a regular basis. We are working with partners to develop more social values compatible with the approach and continue to work with Daniel Fujiwara (Director at SImetrica) on this to increase its relevance and viability as a tool.

To keep track of the number of people accessing the notes, we would kindly request that you enter your name and organisation in the form below. This is for our records only and will not be used for any other purpose.

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