Social value certification


Our certification service checks your social value data, giving you and your Board the confidence that your figures are correct, and makes recommendations about how you can improve the way you measure social value.

How we've helped

The Sovini Group, a property management company and development group, faced multiple challenges around social value, such as inaccurate reporting and a lack of experience on how to report.

Our certification service offered them solutions. It provided a rigourous MOT of all their key processes around reporting to ensure accuracy and high standards, and made recommendations of how the organisation's approach to collecting social value information could be improved.

Our collaborative approach to information sharing was key. We set up one-to-one dialogues with staff, including the performance team manager, the community investment manager, and the business reporting lead.

After using our service the business and their Board had greater confidence in their systems of social value reporting. They knew they were collecting the right information, that it was accurate and that they were applying wellbeing evaluation in the right way.

The certificate they recieved on completion confirms the robustness and high quality of their reporting standards.

We have also helped a number of other clients, such as Tower Hamlets Homes, Stonewater Housing and Homes in Sedgemoore.

For more information about our certification service, please contact James Williams.

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