Social value procurement advice


We can help you turn the outcomes you want for your communities into a deliverable framework for procurement, from goods and work contracts to joint ventures. We can also work alongside you to provide independent assurance that your contractors are providing the social value as promised.

How we've helped

Poplar HARCA approached us to help them drive social value through the procurement process on their Teviot Estate Regeneration project. A common problem for housing associations is contractors promising to deliver social value as part of their contracts, but then failing to do so. It can also be challenging to ensure compliance with the Social Value Act in England, or recognising legislation for projects in Wales and Scotland.

Poplar HARCA, like many other organsations, needed help with understanding how to build social value requirements into their tenders.

Our social value procurement advice made sure that social value was embedded into their tendering process at the earliest possible stage. We did this by offering advice, as well as designing background literature, scoring criteria and evaluation advice. We acted as part of the procurement team, specifically advising on social value.

Thanks to our service, Poplar HARCA are happy and confident that social value will be delivered in this long-term regeneration programme.

We have also helped a number of other large scale housing providers such as VIVID.

For more information about our discovery service, please contact James Williams.

Our social value services

Wherever you are on your social value journey, we can support you. 

Discover what social value means to your organisation.

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Develop a framework to use social value to evidence your impact.

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Apply your social value metrics correcly.

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Produce a social value report to demonstrate your impact.

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Improve your overall approach to social value.

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Contractors: Deliver the social value impact your clients want.

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Calculate and evidence your social impact.

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