Sport and Housing

Within the housing sector, there is increasing recognition of the value of delivering sport and physical activity as part of Community Investment activity to drive strategic agendas and achieve returns for the business.

Critically, sport and physical activity interventions can play a key role in:

  • Improving the health and wellbeing of residents and communities;
  • Addressing priority issues, such as ASB, that relate directly to the business and the bottom line;
  • The development of community cohesion and social sustainability.

With that in mind, HACT is currently working with a number of sporting organisations such as Street Games, a national charity that delivers sports and physical activities in disadvantaged communities, as well as various housing associations as part of a broad body of work that intends to: provide greater insights about the value of delivering sport and physical activity within the housing sector, improve the evidence base around these interventions and facilitate strategic engagement between the sport and housing sectors.

The broad programme of work encompasses the development of a range of products and projects including evaluations of sport and physical activity interventions, strategic capacity building and analyses of approaches to sport and physical activity delivery within the sector.

HACT is also working with various sporting organisations to identify potential delivery partners in the housing sector. With a turn-around of 1-2 working days, HACT will create a report detailing the various housing associations working in a particular neighbourhood, town or region and provide an introduction to key contacts at these organisations. An indicative cost for a report is £250-500 dependent upon scope.

If would like to learn more about the sport and housing work stream, or have a potential project in mind, please email or call 020 7250 8500.

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