We can help you create a research plan tailored to your specific requirement, whether it’s examining your operating model or investigating the impact of a specific service. The plan will include a methodology, desired outcomes and resource implications. We can also work with you to create a research strategy for your organisation, including training, team building and suitable research methodologies.

How we've helped

A large social housing organisation asked us to evaluate one of their services. A range of factors such as a recent restructure and staff turnover had affected their ability to successfully collect data to measure impact. There was also uncertainty about which research methods would be most appropriate to evaluate the service and capture learning. 

We explored what data they and their partners had, as well as their data collection processes. We examined their research methods, data analysis and research project outcomes, as well as carrying out stakeholder mapping and creating an evaluation framework. The framework included research methods, outcomes to assess performance against and an analysis plan. 

We left them with a detailed plan for a full evaluation of the service that included an evaluation framework, a suite of success indicators and recommendations to improve internal and external data collection. 

If you would like us to help you build a research strategy, please contact Frances Harkin