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The return of the machine for living

In the early 20th century, architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret – better known as Le Corbusier – wrote about the house as “a machine for living”.  At the time, influenced by the development of new building materials and in particular reinforced concrete, steel and glass – this expressed itself through bleak visions of grey monoliths into which the working classes could be efficiently dormitoried. 

Housing Technology magazine: Big data – Time to pool our resources?

This blog was originally published in July 2013's edition of Housing Technology magazine.

Housing providers are data-driven businesses, collecting and harnessing large amounts of data on assets and residents as a core part of their business activities. It sits at the heart of business planning, customer service delivery and asset management. But as a sector, housing lags significantly behind other public services in realising the full potential offered by technology innovations around data management.

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