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Identifying people who are at-risk

“Social housing organisations are looking for ways of identifying people who are at-risk in their communities,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive at HACT. “Our Community Insight tool provides access to this data, but we wanted to make these specific datasets available across the sector for free, as we are acutely aware social housing organisations are focusing their attentions on ensuring they can identify and provide support to the people who need it the most.

Left behind: understanding communities on the edge

Over the past four years, there has been an increasing awareness of left behind communities, particularly in the context of political commentators looking for reasons to explain the Brexit vote. The term has also featured more prominently in recent social policy discussions, with a range of studies looking at the underlying reasons why some communities are left behind.

How, though, can communities be defined as left behind? Could this then help housing providers to target their resources more effectively to those communities most in need?

Insights just got better

Create your own dashboard

The dashboard is a great way of comparing multiple indicators at the same time. Previously, you were restricted to one dashboard per organisation.

Now you can create as many custom dashboards as you like, as often as you want. Each user in your organisation can have their own dashboard.

New Community Insight data on personal and mortgage debt; how much are your customers borrowing?

After the festive period many of us are feeling the pinch and tentatively check our bank balances, with bated breath, whilst mentally calculating the cost of necessities for the next few weeks until pay day. However, for some the task of checking bank accounts can be incredibly stressful every month, not just after the holidays, with monthly income not covering all living costs and the reliance on personal loans to plug the shortfall.

New Community Insight data - Using energy efficiency of buildings to better target fuel poverty programmes

At HACT we have had numerous conversations with different housing providers who want to do their part in tackling fuel poverty and improving tenancy sustainment for their most at risk residents. These conversations usually end with the question - “are there other data sets we can use to help us prioritise our programmes?”. Well the answer is - YES.

Fresh thinking on social impact

If someone had told me a few years ago I’d be working with an economist to measure social impact, I would’ve told them they were suffering from Substitution Bias and to fiscal off. Since we’ve been working with Daniel Fujiwara, an Economist at LSE, I’ve seen economics with fresh eyes. A new relevance has been revealed through a brilliantly robust way to assess and measure the results of community projects.

New data tools allow housing staff to understand social trends

Community InsightThe lifespan of flagship government initiatives can be butterfly-short; the 'big society' was an astonishing example of policy launch, relaunch, redefinition and abandonment in less than 12 months. Some last longer but without ever achieving discernible results – the 'third way' delivered an endless stream of pamphlets and seminars, but achieved far less in terms of lasting impact.


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