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Could IoT revolutionise building and home insurance?

Where IoT can make a serious impact immediately is in the nitty-gritty of housing management- reducing the cost of delivering housing services through providing landlords with data on their assets. An interesting and relatively unexplored application for IoT in housing is risk management. Risk management is not particularly shiny or exciting and doesn’t lend itself to the evangelism afforded to the likes of Google’s nest or Samsung’s Smart Things but it could save social landlords a lot of money and reduce the property damage suffered by residents in the process.

From a connected home to connected housing

In order to really build the kind of momentum that will see housing providers placing large orders for connected devices and correspondingly changing business processes to support a radically data driven way of working, we expect to see a step up in the and scale of pilots and trial commencing this year. With much of the technology being produced now there is increasing evidence of its technical capability in its own right. What is missing is both experience of its deployment and evidence of its operational and technical capability beyond a few unit installs.

A Connected Home

What if we could install smart heating systems which had the potential to save 30% off tenants' energy bills powered by boilers that told us when they needed servicing (and allowed us to shut them down remotely if they showed signs of becoming dangerous) the same sensors supporting these systems telling us if a property had been abandoned (or unexpectedly occupied), or - if you nee

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