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Camden Council signs up to support the UK Housing Data Standard

Cllr Meric Apak, LB Camden’s Cabinet Member for Better Homes, said:

"Camden is committed to achieving the highest standards of safety in all Council homes and is working with residents and a wide range of partners and stakeholders to achieve this. The UK housing data standard we are working with HACT to develop will enable us to keep information about the way our homes are constructed and the compliance regime that keeps them safe, in an accessible way we can share with residents, contractors and government. We are delighted to be involved in this ground breaking project."

Gentoo signs up to support v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard

Nigel Wilson, CEO of Gentoo Group, said:

“We’re excited to be involved in developing the v4 data standard with HACT. We believe that developing standards for our sector will enable housing providers to efficiently process and share information with our partners. Creating a consistent data model for our sector will provide a platform on which we can further effectively benchmark our performance, collaborate together to develop systems and processes, as well as enable data modelling and analytics projects.

Developing the development handover data standard

“The kick-off meeting for the development handover data standard has come at a critical time for the social housing organisations as they meet the challenges of the Hackitt Review,” said Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT. “Standardised data will help you create a digital passport that works and having standardised data throughout the development process will make it easier to manage your properties in the future.”

Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) signs up to support v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standard

A spokesperson for Morgan Sindall Property Services said: 

"Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) is delighted and proud to support the development of UK Housing Data Standards. We are a data driven organisation, and with the industry moving towards collaboratively sharing data, common data standards will help us and the sector be more proactive in making informed decisions."

Thirteen signs up to support the UK Housing Data Standard

A spokersperson for Thirteen said: 

"In changing our operational model last year, our intention was to create a better way of managing and maintaining successful communities across the Tees Valley, ensuring the right services and products are in place to support a strong and diverse customer base for Thirteen. One of the foundations of this change is in the data we use to measure, understand, modify and improve our services.


Version 3.2 of the UK Housing Data Standards: more good news for your customers, good news for your business

“Version 3.2 of the UK Housing Data Standards incorporates three major domains: care and support, planned maintenance and income collection,” explained Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT.  ”This will help social housing providers to deliver better services, improve customer satisfaction and save resources. And, as with every previous iteration of the UK Housing Data Standard, it is available free for all users.”

Home Group signs up to support the data standards

A spokesperson from Home Group said: 

"At Home Group we have been working towards a simpler model for all our data and reporting needs for the last few years. As we all know, in housing we have many systems and none of them talk to each other; all store the same or similar data in many locations. There are a number of solutions we can look at across our data estate and they all try to simulate this interaction, like integration and MDM - both of which we are in the process of implementing. 


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