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CHP signs up to support v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards

A spokesperson for CHP stated: 

“CHP has a strong strategic partnership with HACT and has been delighted to contribute towards the development of version 3.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards. It’s really encouraging to see that more and more housing associations are signing up to establish the basis for future collaboration on data exchange or benchmarking.

Yorkshire Housing signs up for v4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards

A spokersperson from Yorkshire Housing stated:

“Yorkshire Housing is delighted to support the development of UK Housing Data Standards. Having common data standards will support our move towards using real-time data and insight to drive both decision making and efficiency. It will also enable us to be more proactive in our approach to delivering continuous improvements to services that will keep our customers at the heart of all we do.”

Linc Cymru signs up for version 4.0 of the UK Housing Data Standards

A spokesperson for Linc Cymru said: 

"It is with great pleasure that Linc Cymru is a supporter of the UK Housing Data Standard. A key challenge for us as a business is to enhance our decision making through data led insights. The major challenge in this is reconciling data inconsistencies between systems, suppliers and others across the sector. An adopted common data standard would go a long way to alleviating these inconsistencies.

Unboxed supports the UK Housing Data Standards

A spokesperson for Unboxed said: 

"Unboxed has 14+ years of experience in delivering digital products and services, as well as upskilling our internal customer teams along the way. Our multi-disciplinary teams have collaborated with housing services at Hackney Council, Lewisham Homes, Newham Council, and Southwark Council to deliver resident-led solutions and support digital transformation. 

Semarchy supports the UK Housing Data Standards

A spokesperson from Semarchy noted: 

"The latest UK Housing Data Standard from HACT when used in combination with Semarchy xDM Intelligent Data Hub software can alleviate the pain of data management & kick-start your Digital Transformation.

The HACT data standard is a comprehensive rapid start point for all relevant housing related taxonomies, hierarchies with a standardised operating model.


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