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Speaker spotlight: Sarah Mbatha, Octavia

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been working in social housing for over 20 years, and am very committed to it, both as a movement and as a purpose. But it feels like we’re stuck in an outmoded delivery model, and as a sector we tend to lack the drivers to make change happen. I believe operational leaders can make change happen without it having to rely on an expensive IT-led or consultant-led transformation programme.

What’s your experience of putting innovation into practice?

Speaker spotlight: Juan Lagrange, Sunlight

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a specialist in technology, specifically educational learning tech. I founded Sunlight in 2016: it’s my second start-up. My first company developed an SAP full school management platform. I’m a computer science major by trade and have been coding since I was 15 years old. I’m a continuous learner, and a self-learner as well. I’m passionate about knowledge, and how you can continually be updating yourself.

What’s the idea behind Sunlight?

HouseParty: an exciting new innovation for housing

HouseParty is nearly upon us and in some senses it represents the transformation that is taking place in the housing sector.  HouseParty brings together grassroots housing and social change-makers to explore and solve some of the most pressing needs in UK housing.  The event acknowledges that innovation and change in the sector will come from the edges: through emerging partnerships and radical new thinking.

The return of the machine for living

In the early 20th century, architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret – better known as Le Corbusier – wrote about the house as “a machine for living”.  At the time, influenced by the development of new building materials and in particular reinforced concrete, steel and glass – this expressed itself through bleak visions of grey monoliths into which the working classes could be efficiently dormitoried. 

We should welcome rather than worry about a diversifying housing sector

There’s a certain joy to being an ex-regulator.  Mainly in knowing with certainty that however hard your job might seem at any point in time, you can be absolutely sure that somewhere someone has a job that is infinitely harder and more challenging than your own.  Because running a regulatory system is a largely thankless task – if you are successful at the most basic level - overseeing sector growth and averting unnecessary disasters - people rarely give you credit; if something goes wrong, inevitably some of the blame gets shifted from those that caused the problems onto the regulator who

Is housing ready for the age of acceleration?

Last year Google launched with some fanfare the £1m Google “Deep Learning Neural Network” –a network of computers configured in ways which made it capable of learning and responding in ways that mimic the human brain.  Rather endearingly, it chose to showcase the new machine by setting it the task of identifying videos on Youtube in which cats appeared.  This week the creator of Google’s Artifical Bra

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