A Toolbox for Community-led Housing

HACT has a track record of developing innovative yet practical toolkits and guidance aimed at achieving greater social impact in housing.  Community-led housing offers significant social and economic benefits at local level over and above the provision of more homes.  It has the potential to provide diversity and difference in the housing offer of associations and councils. 

One of the barriers to the provision of more community-led housing is the lack of knowledge and information amongst professionals and agencies about the legal, financial, planning and other aspects of making schemes work.  As a result, the best of intentions can often fail to translate into delivery on the ground.

A toolkit that brings together the documentation required to develop and deliver a community-led housing scheme would fill this gap.  It will include models, templates, frameworks and guidance which have been successfully developed and applied by associations and councils in delivering a community-led housing scheme.  Experts in the field, such as solicitors and accountants, will advise on improvements to current approaches and practice, and new documentation will be produced that could further increase the pace of community-led housing development.

Aim: To produce a toolkit that will give more confidence to professionals and agencies to engage with community-led housing projects through the practical ways and means to do so.

Timetable: The first phase of the project would involve scoping out the overall parameters and detail of the work (2-3 months); the second phase (3 months) will involve developing the toolkit, identifying and bringing together all the documentation necessary for a community-led housing scheme, along with tips, pointers, signposting and expert advice.  The second phase may also provide access to tailored technical advice to get schemes off the ground.      

If you are interested in this project and would like to find out more, contact barry.malki@hact.org.uk