UK Housing Data Standard Version 3.3

Building safety

Version 3.3 of the UK Housing Data Standards incorporates the development handover use case. As Dame Judith Hackitt has noted, this will "enable organisations to keep information about the way homes are constructed and how they meet the compliance regime in an accessible way that can be shared with residents and contractors alike".

This version of the UK Housing Data Standard has been developed by HACT and OSCRE in partnership with B3Living, LB Camden, CHP, Gentoo, Home Group, Hyde, LB Kingston, L&Q, Lewisham Homes, Linc Cymru, Morgan Sindall Property Services, MTVH, Network Homes, Peabody, SDS, Thirteen Group and Yorkshire Housing.

This latest version is the core element in the golden thread for buildings.

Dame Judith Hackitt also noted, "We welcome the fact that HACT has been proactively leaing the way on developing the golden thread. We see real value and importance in the UK Housing Data Standards that you are developing".

Business benefits

Some of the business benefits for organisations that adopt these standards include: 

  • Consistent and shareable customer data
  • More accurate and timely updates to customer and case owner
  • Greater consistency in tender and insutrction processes
  • Greater consistency across internal teams and contractors
  • More effective compliance
  • Clarity and consistency of void income loss reporting
  • Consistent rent statements easier to understand for customers
  • Easier cost attribution and recovery through service charge

What's included

This version includes data standards for the following use cases:

  • voids and allocations process
  • core customer data
  • reactive repairs
  • asset maintenance
  • care and support
  • income and service charge collection. 

To access the interactive version of the data standards, view the standards on the OSCRE web site.

The housing data standard library is made up of the following components

UK housing data standard library:

Quick start guide

Reference data model

Data exchange standards

Implementation business case

The UK Housing Data Standard is free to use subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license

The full license conditions can be found here

To download the standard or to register your interest in the consultation please complete the webform below:


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Data is critical to the future of social housing.

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