UK Housing Data Standard Version 3.4

Resident feedback and customer complaints

Version 3.4 of the UK Housing Data Standards incorporates the resident feedback and customer complaints use case which housing associations are encouraged to implement in order make every contact count and ensure that resident voices are heard.

This version of the UK Housing Data Standard has been developed by HACT and OSCRE in partnership with B3Living, CHP, Derventio Housing, Gateway Housing, Gentoo, Home Group, Housemark, Housing Solutions, Hyde, Kingdom HA, Kingston Housing, Lewisham Homes, Linc Cymru, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership, L&Q, Magenta Living, Morgan Sindall, MTVH, Network Homes, Peabody, Platform, RHP, LB Greenwich, settle, SFHA, Southern, Stonewater, Thirteen, West Kent HA and Yorkshire Housing.

Business benefits

Some of the business benefits for organisations that adopt this use case include: 

  • Improved analytics for rapid identification of root causes of customer feedback
  • Enables effective workflow management of customer queries and complaints
  • Facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Enables future standards-based exchange of data between regulatory bodies and housing associations
  • Enables like-for-like comparisons of customer satisfaction and customer feedback with peer organisations
  • Enables monitoring of customer sentiment at all stages to direct improvements in tone and scripted and unscripted responses
  • Increased trust in the process
  • Ease of integration and transition between third party survey providers

What's included

This version includes data standards for the following use cases:

  • voids and allocations process
  • core customer data
  • reactive repairs
  • asset maintenance
  • care and support
  • income and service charge collection
  • development handover
  • resident feedback and customer complaints

To access the interactive version of the data standards, view the standards on the OSCRE web site.

UK housing data standard library:

The housing data standard library is made up of the following components

Quick start guide

Reference data model

Data exchange standards

Implementation business case

The UK Housing Data Standard is free to use subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license

The full license conditions can be found here

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