Six partnerships supported by housing associations that are enabling people with support needs to gain more power and control over their lives, by pooling their individual support and care budgets.

The introduction of the personalisation agenda has given these service users control over their individual social care budget. We’re concerned that as service users, individually they will have very little influence on the development and quality of service provision.

Our fear is that one result of the personalisation agenda will be service providers struggling to preserve the existing diversity of service provision, as they focus on economies of scale.

So we have developed up2us in six pilots areas to explore how social care users can join together to buy services within the new Supporting People and Social Care environment.

Acting collectively will help service users to improve their negotiating position – and it will also benefit service providers, as they will be able to negotiate with collective groups.

Each pilot is run by a partnership of housing associations, Local Authority advocacy services and service providers. They use their resources and expertise to build groups of individual budget holders to ensure that the individual service users together have the support and resources they need to remain in control.

Further information is available in the up2us flyer.

One of the pilot projects, Oxfordshire up2us has developed a gateway website: http://www.up2uscommunity.co.uk/Gateway/up2us/index.aspx

Read about the up2us Delivering Choice findings in Community Care

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