What are you doing with resident feedback? 

If we are serious about resident voice, about putting customers at the heart of our decision-making process, we can’t just use resident feedback for benchmarking purposes. 

The purpose of feedback should be to improve services, demonstrating to your residents that you listen to them and respond accordingly. 

And this is why it’s also critical that residents are informed about the improvements you make as a result of their feedback. 

Closing the resident feedback loop is a crucial part of this framework. 

Our support

We can help you create and embed a culture of continuous improvement, informed by your residents’ voices.

Diagnostic tool: a review of what you do with resident feedback, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and providing you with a roadmap to close the feedback loop for residents and for staff. 

Insight tool:  expert advice, best practice examples and coaching around feedback loops, how to increase customer visibility across the business, and supporting and enhancing your complaints management. 

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Our resident feedback framework

The response of social housing organisations to the Covid-19 pandemic and their engagement with their residents provides an unprecedented opportunity.

Our framework, developed and published in 2020, can help you build on that engagement and implement a resident feedback model that has the experience of residents – and their voice – at the heart of the business of social housing.

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