The what, where and how of the UK Housing Data Standards webinar

On 29 April 2020 we hosted a webinar about the what, where and how of the UK Housing Data Standards. 

Here's the introduction to the event.



An introduction to version 3.2 of the UK Housing Data Standards by Chris Lees, Technical Director, OSCRE


CHP and the planned maintenance standard: an interview with David George, CHP



Hyde and the income collection data standard: an interview with Barry McNulty, The Hyde Group



L&Q and the development handover data standard: an interview with Johnny Furlong, L&Q



MTVH and the implementation of the UK Housing Data Standard: an interview with Doug Silverstone and Amy Singh, MTVH


Panel discussion, chaired by Jay Saggar, Digital Lead at HACT, featuring Andrew Bradley (Sovereign), Chris Lees (OSCRE), Amy Singh (MTVH), Johnny Furlong (L&Q) and Barry McNulty (Hyde)




The OSCRE LEARNING LAB will help you build a data-driven organisation

Data is critical to the future of social housing.

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