Who are you collecting feedback from? 

You might think the answer is straightforward.

And you’d be right. 

You’re collecting it from residents. 

The challenge is to ensure that you have standardised ways of collecting this data. This means the incomes team is defining and recording core customer data the same as the community investment team.

Using standards not only reduces mistakes caused by people entering the incorrect data, it also means you can trust your data and use it for deeper business insights.

Having confidence in your data means you can, for example, use more sophisticated approaches to segmentation.

Rather than just segmenting your residents by age, ethnicity, gender, and employment status, you can segment according to their needs and behaviours. 

This means that you can deliver services according to the needs of all of your residents rather than just those who respond using traditional methods.

Our support

The UK Housing Data Standards are the foundation of this approach. We’re currently developing the data standard around resident feedback and customer complaints which will help this process of standardisation within organisations and across the sector. 

We can help you build a data-driven organisation.

Diagnostic tool: a review of your current approach, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and providing you with a roadmap to improve your data collection. 

Insight tool:  expert advice, best practice examples and coaching around segmentation techniques, persona development and customer journey mapping. 

Data service: supporting you to build a data-driven organisation, ranging from a high-level data diagnostic to a data governance framework. 

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Our resident feedback framework

The response of social housing organisations to the Covid-19 pandemic and their engagement with their residents provides an unprecedented opportunity.

Our framework, developed and published in 2020, can help you build on that engagement and implement a resident feedback model that has the experience of residents – and their voice – at the heart of the business of social housing.

Find out how we can help you improve your approach to resident feedback.